Data Policy


We collect the contents and the information you provide based on our services you accessed.

Examples of data we collect (but not limited to):

- Files (not limited to photos, videos, voice messages) you uploaded
- Locations / places you checked in
- Your comments and messages
- Your contact information (email)
- Your vehicle registration number
- Your personal information (name, birth date, and gender)

How we use your information:

As an online service provider, we strive to give you a customised user experience based on the information collected from you. We may also offer suggestions, content personalisation, marketing information and also understanding how you interact with our services and things you are interested.

- Files Uploaded:

We do not ask for files with sensitive information to be uploaded to our servers. We ensure you are aware of the target audience before doing so. 
- Location information:
It may be used to recommend activities near you.

- Contact information (Email):

We use your contact information to respond to your enquiries or instructions. Email address is used for logging in to access the app's services.

Your contact information is encrypted in our database as an additional layer of security.
- Vehicle Registration Number:
We search and tag reported incidents to the vehicle registration number and it is made available to public, sometimes along with location information.

- Personal information:

It is used to provide you a more customized suggestions for enhanced user experience.

Your contact and personal information is kept strictly confidential and will not intentionally and wilfully reveal to unauthorized person without your permission. 

We also conduct surveys and research and analyse the collected information to develop or enhance our product and services.

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